The Incredibles 2

Genre: Animation, Sci-fi
Director: Brad Bird
Writer: Brad Bird
Release date: 2018-06-15
Runtime: 125 min.
Language: English
Plot: When the villain named the Screen Slaver comes to town it is up to the Incredibles and their super friends to stop him.
Craig T. Nelson
Holly Hunter
Samuel L. Jackson


Family Friendliness

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After Incredibles, the UnderMiner came onto the scene. But after he is gone, Mrs. Incredible gets the chance to make heroes legal again. But as she is getting ready to try to get this to happen, a unknown villain called the Screen Slaver shows up. This villain has the power to enslave anyone he wishes. Mrs. Incredible has to stop him, leaving Bob Parr(aka Mr. Incredible) is left with all the kids, including baby Jack-Jack who is just getting his powers. Can Mr. Incredible handle helping with homework, boyfriend problems, and deal with a baby all by himself?

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Mr. Incredible and his family believe that they need to protect people even if it means breaking the law. They don’t want to just use there powers for nothing. They know that they were meant to do something, and they do it. Also, Mrs. Incredible even saves the villain that has been mean to her and her friends. They don’t care what they did to them, they just do what is right. Also, the kids are nice to Bob after he is worked out. Mr. Incredible tries to make it so that the kids don’t always need mom.

Rotten Apples

I don’t enjoy the fact that the girls are the main characters in this movie. It seems that girls are taking over todays society. Also, this movie has to do with hypnosis, and memory wiping, both of which we see a lot in the movie. When a screen goes on, people stare aimlessly into it. Also, there are hypoglasses that a lot of people get on them.

Mr. Incredible is in for himself a little bit, he wants to be able to be Mr. Incredible again. We als ohear Mr. Incredible say, We (referring to him and his wife) could stick closer. We do see Bob and his wife fight a lot, but they stop eventually. Violet is shown being very angry, throwing things saying mean words and Dash thinks she is  having adolescence.

We hear one person ask Mrs. Incredible if she can drink on duty. Also we see people drink a lot at a party.

As for language we hear 4 uses of the Lord’s name and 1 h-ll. We also hear a d-rn it and a well i’ll be d-m-ed. 1 use of an uncomplete “sh..” is used, unable to tell which it was though.


Though there are ups and downs in this movie, it is completely incredible. I think it did better than The Incredibles. It did have some plot holes in my opinion, but it was a pretty good movie. I wish there wasn’t as much language and woman being the top in this movie, but other than that this movie is great for your kids and you. Please comment below about the movie and/or buy it by clicking the links below.

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