The Adventures of Tin Tin

Adventures of Tin Tin Review
Genre: Animation, Mystery
Director: Steven Spielburg
Writer: Hergé, Steven Moffat
Release date: 2011-12-21
Runtime: 107 min.
Language: English
Plot: When Tin Tin buys a model ship that contains a clue to a hidden treasure, he has to find it!
Jamie Bell
Andy Serkis
Daniel Craig

Family Friendliness

My Personal Review

“How’s your thirst for adventure Captain? Unquenchable”


Tin Tin is a journalist that looks for stories and writes about him. In this movie he buys a model boat by the name of the Unicorn. Little does he know that that boat is one of the three boats that contain a clue to a treasure of gold. Determined to find out more about the boat, he sets off on an adventure to find out more. On the way, he’ll team up with Captain Haddock and his dog, Snowy, and together they will try to find the lost treasure before the enemy does. This movie is like National Treasure, but for kids!

Ripe Apples

Tin Tin wants a story, that is all. He helps Captain Haddock find the treasure. He is shown as a very nice man that doesn’t want to hurt anyone. In some scenes, he has a gun, but he rarely uses it. Captain Haddock is seen being a drunkard(more on that below), but near the end he begins to give up on alcohol and beer. This movie is incredibly kid-friendly, so it would be a good movie for all your family to see.

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There is some problems with this movie, however. I will start with Captain Haddock. Haddock is a drinker, and we see him drinking a lot in this movie. He acts drunk throughout the movie. In some scenes he just can not resist alcohol. Whenever he drinks, however, he seems to remember things.

We see an awful lot of shooting, but only one guy gets shot and dies, he draws blood on a magazine. Also, another person is gaged at one time.

We hear one use of d-m-. We also hear a few more bits of language, but there is very little, making this movie very kid-friendly.


I enjoyed this movie. It is very kid friendly. Watching Tin Tin find all of the clues is thrilling. It is off of the book series of Tin Tin. Anyone who enjoyed the books will love this movie. I encourage you to check it out. Comment below about your thoughts on the movie.

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