Rigoletto movie review
Genre: Musical/Family
Director: Leo D. Paur
Writer: Leo D. Paur
Release date: 1993-04-23
Runtime: 98 min.
Language: English
Plot: A mysterious man has come to Castle Gate, and all of a sudden many people are losing there house. People blame him, but is he really the enemy? It's up for Bonnie to find out as she works for him.
Donre Samson
Frank Gerrish
Micaela Nelligan

Family Friendliness

half apple

My Personal Review

“Some people call me Rigoletto, but you wouldn’t believe that, now would you?”


Once upon a time there lived a prince and a queen who both could sing really well. They lived in harmony for a long time, until the prince was attacked and a sword made half of his face look like an animal. The prince, whose name was Rigoletto, was angry and embarrassed by his new face. He was banished to our world until he could fix his heart and attitude. Once he had fixed his heart and attitude, then his face would turn back to normal. When on earth, he bought a mansion and went by the name of Mr. Ribaldi. That’s how it has been, until a girl named Bonnie came to his home and began to work for him.

Ripe Apples

Throughout the movie, many good lessons are taught. Bonnie tells Mr. Ribaldi that he is ugly inside and out. Even though this is true, Mr. Ribaldi begins to help others with their problems, without some of them knowing it. Mr. Ribaldi’s butler tells Mr. Ribaldi that patience is a virtue and that he needs to be humble instead of proud.

With all this peer positive pressure, Mr. Ribaldi does begin to be a better man, as we will see throughout the movie.

Rotten Apples

This movie has no violent parts that are shown on screen. One time a person does fall off a cliff, but we don’t see it. Some kids may find Rigoletto’s face scary.

Their is very little sexual content in this movie. A kiss is seen. One kid calls a marriage “yuck” and her sister asks “why?”.

As for language, we hear mostly cowboy language. Words like “d-ng” and “h-ck” are used a couple times each.


As you can see after reading the Rotten Apples, you can tell that this movie is very kid-friendly. Also, the lessons taught in this movie are needed in today’s society. The music in this movie is also a great piece of work. I highly recommend this movie to any family interested in musicals and drama. Will Mr. Ribaldi change his attitude?

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