Mission Impossible: Fallout

Genre: Suspense/Adventure
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Writer: Christopher McQuarrie, Bruce Geller
Release date: 3018-07-27
Runtime: 147 min.
Language: English
Plot: When Ethan Hunt saves his team from certain death, he loses some very important nuclear cores, and if he doesn't get them fast, the mysterious villain is going to make an atomic bomb, and many people are going to die.
Tom Cruise
Henry Cavill
Ving Rhames
Simon Pegg

Family Friendliness

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My Personal Review

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“How is he?

You know, the same old Ethan.”


Ethan Hunt and the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) are back! In this movie, Ethan gets a new mission, if he chooses to accept it (then again, why wouldn’t he?). In his new mission, he has to keep some nuclear cores from some dreaded enemies named the Apostles, led by the mysterious John Lark. When it comes between saving his friend’s lives or the nuclear cores, he chooses friends. His decision, though noble, puts many people’s lives on the line. It is up to him and the IMF to stop the nuclear bombs from going off. But this time, they aren’t alone, because the mysterious August Walker tags along. Can they stop the nuclear missiles, and how?

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Ethan Hunt has some good beliefs. He believes that friends come first. He sacrifices his mission to save his friends. Ethan also protects his secret wife by saving the world. He also is seen sacrificing his life for millions of people.

The IMF is there to help protect the world from danger that is almost too hard to defeat. They all take their job seriously, and know the risk of their job.

Rotten Apples

We see a lot of violence in this movie. In the beginning of the movie, 2 people are quickly disintegrated into skeletons. People are constantly being shot. Two people are stabbed. We see one person slowly die. Other’s have blood all over their face. This is especially true near the end. There is one epic car chase that results in a lot of damage. One person is in the process of being hanged and almost dies. Another gets a rope tied around his neck, which makes him pass out. Another person is injected with a needle twice.

There is not a lot of sexual problems in this movie. In one scene, Walker and Hunt are in a bathroom stall with a bad guy trying to scan his face. People outside believe they are having sex, and ask if they can join in. One quips, “The more the merrier!” Hunt and the White Widow share a kiss. The White Widow also lifts up her dress to reveal a knife strapped to her upper leg.

In one scene, Hunt is in a bar, but we don’t see much there. People lie and cheat to each other throughout the movie just so that they win.

1 f word is heard in this movie. It is found when Walker is yelling at Lane near the end of the movie. Other than that, we hear 4 misuses of the Lord’s name and 2 misuses of Jesus’. We also hear 5 of each of the following: “d-m-,” “h–l,” and “sh–.” We also hear 2 of the following: “a-s” and “son of a b-t-h.” This is an awful lot of language, which gives it it’s PG-13 rating.


This movie has some good lessons in friendship and self sacrifice. They also have some good action scenes for those who like action, but there is some stuff in this movie that is just wrong. The language itself is enough for some people. Other than that, the violence does get a little intense, but not that bad for people 13 and up. So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to watch the latest installment in Mission Impossible.

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