Free Birds

Free Birds Movie review
Genre: Animation/Comedy
Director: Jimmy Hayward
Writer: Scott Mosier, Jimmy Hayward,
Release date: 2013-11-01
Runtime: 91 min.
Language: English
Plot: Its up to two turkeys to save all turkeys from the horrible fate of becoming Thanksgiving's main course.
Owen Wilson
Woody Harrelson
Dan Fogler

Family Friendliness

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My Personal Review

“Our mission is not to save 10, not 100 turkeys, but all of them…”


Reggie is not a normal turkey. Since birth he has been rejected by his flock, and now he is stuck on a free-range turkey farm. He knows that he and his friends will be fattened up and then eaten on Thanksgiving,  but no one listens to him. They all think he is crazy, till Thanksgiving  comes. Then they know he was right, and since he didn’t fit in, they gave him to the people. Reggie believed his life was over, till he learned he was the only turkey who was pardoned from the terrifying fate.  Now, Reggie was living the perfect life with unlimited pizza and watching television all day until he met a strange turkey with a mission.

This turkey’s name was Jake. Jake was given a mission to go back in time to get turkeys off of the Thanksgiving menu. Reggie doesn’t want to help, but he is dragged into it anyway. Now, it is up to Reggie and Jake to save all of turkey-kind.

Ripe Apples

Reggie doesn’t want to help Jake, but he does anyway to some extent. We constantly see the two helping each other out. Near the end, Reggie admits he was wrong.

Jake stands by one phrase, “Never give up.” When things get tough for Jake and Reggie, Jake sticks to his mission. This is how we should act when we are given a mission.

One character is seen giving his life for the safety of others.

Rotten Apples

There is only a little bit of violence in this movie. We see some cannons shot and some guns fired. We also see some traps sprung. Two turkeys are almost roasted. There is not blood though. One turkey is grabbed by a farmer that has an axe, and we know he is going to be killed, but we don’t see it.

We see a few sexual problems that may not agree with some families. We see two guy turkeys dance. We also hear of a guy that is going through a divorce. We also hear of butts and glutes a couple times. We see two turkey’s butts a couple times.

Reggie lies about himself a couple times. We also hear of a “great turkey,” and he is treated like a god by one turkey, only to learn that he is just a regular turkey.

There is only a little bit of language in this movie. We hear one use of “oh my.” We also hear 1 “what the h-ck.” One turkey is called an idiot a couple times.


All together, this movie is funny and historic. It is interesting to watch two turkeys try to save all the turkeys of the world. I definitely enjoyed this movie a lot and I highly recommend it for your family. Let me know what you think about the movie.

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