Ernest Goes to Jail

Ernest Goes to Jail Review
Genre: Prison Film/Comedy
Director: John R. Cherry III
Writer: Charlie Cohen
Release date: 1990-04-06
Runtime: 81 min.
Language: English
Plot: When a criminal that looks like Ernest switched with the real Ernest, the real Ernest had to live in prison when he doesn't belong there.
Jim Varney
Gailard Sartain

Family Friendliness

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My Personal Review

“Oh no! I’m in jail!”


Ernest is back! In this adventure, Ernest is a janitor at a small bank. He tries to be diligent at his job, but he always seems to make a mess. This is how things go until one day when he gets a letter that he is requested to be on a jury. He quickly accepts and then goes to his job. It just happens that he has to go to a jail as part of the jury to learn more about. Here a guy that looks just like Ernest wants to switch places with him. When this happens, our friend Ernest is trapped in jail. Can he get out?

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Ernest is a nice guy. He tries very hard to do good at his job. He wants to impress his boss so he can get a promotion. Charlotte helps him try to get his job. Ernest shows a lot of love to his dog, even after the fake Ernest is mean to him. Ernest also sacrifices his life for others.

There is no drug content in this movie. There also is no language.

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One guy from the jail in the beginning says he killed a guy. Another goes into the electric chair, but doesn’t die.

The fake Ernest is sketchy. He is a very mean man. He says once, “I only help those who help me.” This is wrong. In another scene, a woman says to him that she had a fun time the other night. He takes it that the real Ernest had sex with her, and says, “I did too, baby.” Confused, the woman walks away. Another time, the fake Ernest gets on top of her, indicating sex, but she runs away.

A few people lie about who they are and the like throughout the movie.


This movie is definitely a funny, family-friendly movie. I recommend it for all ages. It has a lot of good jokes and even some good lessons about diligence at work. I think it would be a great movie for you to watch anytime. Will Ernest get out of prison before it is too late?

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